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English Tapasvinī Kāvya -Preface/ Harekrishna Meher

Original Oriya Epic Poem By : Poet Gańgādhara Meher (1862-1924)
Complete English Translation By : Dr. Harekrishna Meher
[Preface has been taken from page -2 of my English Book
‘ Tapasvinī of Gańgādhara Meher ’
Published by : R.N. Bhattacharya, A-217, Road No.4, HB Town, Sodepur,
Kolkata-700110, India. First Edition : 2009, ISBN : 81-87661-63-1]
For Introduction, please see,
‘ Tapasvinī of Gańgādhara Meher : A Critical Observation ’ :
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(English Rendering of Original Oriya ‘Mukhabandha’ of Tapasvinī Kāvya)
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Of Rāma, because of his forest-repairing to keep his father’s word true, and of Sītā, because of her following the foot-steps of her husband, the greatness that had bloomed became fraught with fragrance on Sītā’s banishment. By brooking the pangs of exile, as Sītā’s devotion-to-husband became effulgent, so did Rāma’s love for his wife shine resplendent on the observance of horse-sacrifice by placing the gold image of Sītā. Befitting wife of befitting husband. Even if deserted by husband owing to the false public calumny, Sītā had truly realized the heartiest love of her husband. The main purpose of this book is to elucidate how Sītā strengthened and heightened more and more, her devotion-to-husband by deeming exile as her own misfortune and how she as a Tapasvinī (Ascetic-maid) spent time by rendering her forest-dwelling into penitential austerity beneficial to her husband.

Sītā had relinquished hope of obtaining mercy of her husband. In the like manner, I have given up hope of being successful in depicting her exalted character. However, Rāma had accomplished the sacrifice by making the attractive image of his heart’s Moon-beam Sītā, in lieu of Sītā, the Ascetic-maid. I hope, dear wise readers, without aiming at my success in this, shall once unveil the memory’s curtain portrayed with the brilliant impeccable and sacred character of Sītā of their own hearts, and shall render uplift of the hearts of women at large.

To conclude, I am to say that the vigorous inspirations given by my dear friend Sri Brajamohan Panda in composing this book have no compare in all aspects. For this, I express my deep sense of gratitude to him.


Śrī Gańgādhara Meher

Dated 5-10-1914
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